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Social Media Specialists

Use the power of Social Media to create brand awareness, promote your new products or hire talent.

Our services include:

We will create a personalized media plan that meets your needs and budget.

We can get you set up and running in no time! Creating artwork, selecting keywords, getting you noticed.

We constantly monitor your campaign and optimize to get the best results.

You will receive detailed performance reports showing how your campaign is doing.

Here are a few of the ways that Creative Media Agency can grow your business through Social Media.

google adwords social media advertising Google Adwords:

Google ads can run in google’s search results or on their Display Network.

Keyword Search Ad
Keyword ads will be displayed when a user performs a search on Google.

The ads can be targeted to users by region, language, age, etc.

Display Network Ad
Display network ads will show on over 2 million partner sites and apps and reaches over 90% of all internet users. You can include text in the image ad when clicked, the user will be brought to your website.

The ads can be targeted to users by region, language, age, etc.

facebook social media advertising Facebook:

Facebook ads are a great way to reach over 900 million people.

Newsfeed Ad
Newsfeed ads will show prominently in a user’s newsfeed and has the most space available to get your message out.

The ads can be targeted to users by region, language, age, etc.

Right Side Ad
A right side ad will display on the right side of the screen on a desktop. They will not be displayed on mobile devices.

The ads can be targeted to users by region, language, age, etc.

twitter social media advertising Twitter:

Twitter cards are ads that show in the Twitter timeline. When clicked, the user is brought to the landing page of your choice. This can be used to create brand awareness, promote a product or hire talent.

Compared to just tweeting out a link, this is a simple and creative way to give users more context about your site. In fact, data shows that using a Website Card drives 43% more engagement.

linkedin social media advertising LinkedIn:

LinkedIn ads are a great way to promote your services to other businesses or individuals or to find great talent.

Ads can appear on the side or bottom of the page or you can use their Sponsored posts that will appear in your newsfeed. The ads can be targeted by location, industry, education, etc.

There are many users from many different industries making it a great place to find “passive” talent that might not be looking at the job boards.

The benefits of a Digital & Social Media Marketing campaign:

Digital marketing is an easy, cost effective way to reach a large number of people at once. Most people are using the internet and the number of people using mobile devices is growing daily.

The ads are interactive – no addresses or phone numbers to remember. Users can simply click on the ad to be brought to your website.

Measures campaign performance and gives insight on the diverse metrics of the campaign.

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